How does your child with #Autism see themselves?

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Have you ever wondered how your Autistic child sees themselves? Yesterday, my youngest Emmett, came home from school with this self-portrait. Apparently this is how he sees himself. 

He even included the identity of his senses.  They are clearly labeled incase the person viewing his artwork was unaware of what his senses were. 

I’m assuming that he must have been discussing senses at school and this was part of that. 

Please leave your positive feedback in the comments below.  Let Emmett know what you think of his masterpiece. 


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Peta Ellis-Stein

I love that he’s covered in stars! Aim high little dude!

Raynette Jones

that looks like good self esteem. great job mom and dad

Lost and Tired


Shalina J Black

Well this is simply awesome, little man! 😀

Yajamalu Charity

About body sense? My son also draw a lot when at school, about what he did not like or make him happy. He also continue drawing himself as spirals eyes… Like that how i feel…

Yajamalu Charity

I really dont know now… He is more quiet than when he couldn’t talk… He just have a minimum autism and other issues… But because I lost his trust, now we really dont get alone when it comes to talk his real issues and botherness… We fight about long hours in computer chatting and bad games do…

Lost and Tired

bewilderedbug redthread16 Thanks everyone.  🙂


LOVING the star outfit!  Amazing drawing – thank you for sharing!

Lost and Tired

redthread16 Thank you. I’ll pass that along . 🙂


I really like your self portrait.I especially like your ears and the stars on your clothes. I think you are a star.

Gail-Anne Bobik


That's a really great picture of you with all your senses labelled. It's really hard to draw a self portrait! Good job!