How we managed today’s after school meltdown

I wanted to share this because it exemplifies how animals can benefit a child with Autism. 

Emmett had another meltdown after school today. It got really loud and he was really upset. I’m jot even sure what this one was about. They can come on so quick and for seemingly no reason at all.

The only thing that calmed him down was Bella.  I managed to snap a picture of how she did it.  Emmett and Bella have such a strong bond…

Do your kids have pets? Do they help?


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Lost and Tired

robinsonfruitbat You raise a really good point and we’ve had to re-home at times as well.  Sometimes it’s not easy to find the right fit.  We’ve been fortunate with Bella and Maggie both.


I feel so very conflicted when it comes to pets and Autism. My son was only 4 when we got our dog Rosie for this very reason, to help with his Autism. A year on we found ourselves re-homing her because rather than hugging her as a way of release he would abuse her instead. She had finally had enough and her usual calm and loving manner was starting to turn into aggression. We re-homed her because keeping her would have been selfish even though it broke all our hearts. Now he is older my wife would like to try again with another pet, either a dog or a cat. For me I want to stick with our pet snail which at least has a shell and tank for it’s protection. I couldn’t face re-homing again as I am very much a pet person and losing Rosie was like giving up a child almost.