How about a bit of positivity?

I wanted to share some positive news this morning.  This is pretty minor but it’s still good news. 

As a special needs parents, we have learned to really try and focus on the positives,  no matter how small.  Instead of drowning on all the negatives, we look for anything that could be celebrated.

Today Lizze and I got off to a late start (aka overslept).

Despite running around like chickens with our heads cut off, the boys got dressed and ready for school like total champs. They were so incredibly cooperative that we even got to the school on time.  🙂

Great job boys.


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I hear ya! Great start to the day! i thought about that yesterday, that I probably sound so negative (not that you are saying that I am saying that) all the time. I think we are so wrapped up in all our responsiblities for our loved ones that it may sound that way. I was thnking of some recent positives in my life: 
1) my bank account didn’t go negative last night (there was chance) 
2) I got a job starting Nov 1 
3) I hung up another picture (which is huge for me) 
4) my kid ate the breakfast i fixed this morning 
5) my other kid is back in the US (he goes out of the US s lot for work) 
6) I am on track to have money on time for November rent 
7) the car payment people have not called today as I was able to pay them 
8) the dog is still alive (there is no reason he shouldnt be but I always worry about that)
9) I remembered to take my anti depresent this morning! It is wierd that I forget.
10) my kid’s doctor filled the forms out gladly to the the pharma manufactures to help with medicine (I get to call and follow up today) and gave him a flu shot at no chage! (he knows our temporary situation).
I hope others can make a list for themselves. I probably have a list of the negative but i am not going to list it or think about it. I think I am going to start a list offline (so yall dont have to hear about my whole life as this is not my blog lol) list and update it everyday. I will let you kow if I feel better