Today’s #Autism and #School Victory

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Overall, Emmett’s doing exceptionally well at school, especially when you consider that he didn’t go to kindergarten and has only been talking for 2 years.  🙂

Today he came home from school, so excited about this worksheet he had done. 

He did so well that his teacher drew a super giant star over the entire paper and gave him a sticker.  If you have seem the smile on his face as he showed us, you couldn’t have helped but smile yourself. 

While at his IEP meeting yesterday, his teacher told us that she knows how much value he assigns to stickers and stars.  That’s why she always makes sure to put them on his papers.  She said it just absolutely makes his day and she so grateful to be able to bring that small joy to his life.  🙂

Can you say awesome.  🙂


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Great job! i am so glad that the teacher knows what his “currancy” is. I am so glad for her that she as a teacher is happy as she knows she makes a difference. I do great in my adult work life with positive encouragement. I see how great is wrote his name as well. I am so happy that he is excited.