This #Autism Dad is really trying to remain positive but it's not going so well  -

This #Autism Dad is really trying to remain positive but it’s not going so well 

I’ve been trying to write all weekend but my brain is on overload. There’s so much on my mind right now and so many things to worry about.

It’s really tough for me to find a sense of balance right now because even if I’m coping with all the kids are going through (which I could be doing better at), the everyday life things are burying me alive.

There’s been unforseen events that have really set us back. The biggest unforseen expense right now it the mix up with our food benefits. This is a very likely a temporary situation and should be resolved or corrected in the coming months but until then, everything else will have to take a backseat to grocery shopping.

Making that choice is a no-brainer but it has consequences.
All the paperwork is in the mail and it’s now out of my hands.

If there was one thing I wish I could get people to understand about Autism parenting, it would be how absolutely unforgiving life is. No matter how much we’re going through with our special needs kids, life doesn’t slow down and let us catch up or catch our breath.

There’s so little help available for parents of special needs kids. There’s a massive shortfall in the availability of services needed for the Autism or special needs children themselves. Parents are even further down the ladder.

This isn’t about complaining and my intention isn’t to come across as whiney either.

The whole point is that this is something that is having a significant impact on my life right now and I’m guessing there are others feeling the same way.

I know how hard this can be to manage. It may seem like I always have a direction to go in but truthfully, the only direction I’m always sure about is the need to move forward.

Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes life isn’t fair and we have only to play the cards we’ve been dealt.

It’s not easy but we (Autism parents) do what we have to for our kids.

My focus at this point is simply remaining positive because things always have a way of working out. I don’t happen to know the logistics of how this will all get sorted out but it will.

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