Lizze really needs your thoughts and prayers

Please keep Lizze in your thoughts and prayers today.  She’s in really bad shape today and in a great deal of pain.  She’s been up since 3am with hot flashes and hasn’t been able to sleep all day. 

She finally laid down a little while ago and is resting. 

It’s been a really long day for her and before she went to bed, she was in tears. 

I would appreciate and positive energy you can send her way.  🙂



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Praying always for sure. Hot flashes are really terrible. they wake you up then you cool down and you have to put a cover on and then you are hot again. that alone wil keep you awake. i still have one overy that works and it reeks havoc on me. I have to ask my kid is he hot or cold so i can see if it is me or is it really hot or cold lol

Kelly Pechacek Osborne

Praying sweetie.

Gilda M Sanchez

Prayers… +


Prayers for Lizze. I hope she feels better in the morning.


I hope she feels better.  😉

Kathryn Gilbert-Rogers

Feel better Lizze!

ShanEda Lumb Âû

Blessed Be.

Jennifer Lynch Âû

Prayers she feels better soon!


Always, all of you but for the moment more so Lizze.

Linda McCauley

She will be in my prayers

Rose Morrissey Barron

For gavin too

Rose Morrissey Barron

Will send healing


Thinking good healing thoughts and prayers for Lizzie.  I know all bout those dang hot flashes!

Tara Safarian


Lost and Tired

Thank you ^_^

Nancy Ragusa

We always keep your family in our hearts, thoughts and prayers

Nancy Ragusa


Candy Moyer

she is definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I understand to a point I am not going through things to the degree Lizze is and I truly hope she not only finds relief but all the pain comes to a complete end quickly so she can enjoy her life fully.