The struggle to feed my three boys with #Autism and #SPD -

The struggle to feed my three boys with #Autism and #SPD

I’ve written about this before but I wanted to provide some texture if you will, to what I’ve been saying. 

One of my biggest frustrations is life is simply trying to feed my kids.  The struggle isn’t the absence of food either.  It’s the challenge of finding food that they will tolerate well enough to eat.

There is nothing easy about this and my kids will literally go hungry before eating something that is deemed sensory offensive. 

Below is what I managed to get each of them to eat for lunch. 
Quite frankly, I’m surprised that some of these dishes actually work. 

Gavin is eating a bowl of yogurt, mixed with berries, bananas, chocolate chips and kashi cereal. I personally EST this all the time and really enjoy it.  This is the first time that Gavin tried this. 

Emmett is eating strawberry cream and apple/cinnamon oatmeal mixed together with chocolate chips.

Elliott is eating dry Ramon Noodles.

Three different meals for three different kids.  While this may work today, it may never work again.  🙁


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Lost and Tired

Silachan I know right?  It’s amazing how different everyone is.  🙂

Stephanie Rembert

okay….okay….what is gavin eating?


Just looking at Gavin’s makes me cringe. I can’t do the combination of colors like that. Lol. Emmett’s is okay, Elliot’s looks fine but I know I couldn’t eat dry ramen noodles. XD

Kathleen Barney King

My spd child demanded a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. Then had a meltdown after we gave it to him because “jelly is sticky”

Jess Filpus

As an adult with Autism and SPD, the only one I would touch is Emmett’s. I am a very picky eater just like your boys, Rob. We just didn’t know I was Autistic and had SPD when I was a kid. I exasperated my mother.

Rose Morrissey Barron

Yeah, Thomas used to love eggs (omlette style) now- no way:-(

Lost and Tired

We have times where they will stop eating something they eaten forever. 🙁

Rose Morrissey Barron

Its a pretty good variety. Get when u say,”they may never try again n wud rathr go hungry” once in a blue moon Thomas will try somethin difrnt n refuse it nxt time..always frozen waffles n pizza on standby!

Lost and Tired

It used to be 4 different dinners but Thank God, my oldest has widened his list of exceptable foods.

Rose Morrissey Barron

Yeah! 🙂

Lost and Tired

We should form the 3 dinner club….. (^_-)

Rose Morrissey Barron

Yeah i make about 3 different dinners a day too

Cathy Smith

Omg. You have so many challenges. Hugs and prayers for you.

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