Today has been interestingly successful

Today has been interestingly successful. Elliott’s not getting worse, although he’s not getting better either. Lizze has been moving around pretty well today.  That doesn’t mean she’s feeling okay, it just means that pushing herself. 

She’s been a big help to today and I’m super grateful.  🙂

I’ve been working on making connections and building bridges for the Autism Society of Greater Akron.

We are bringing desperately needed services for people with Autism and their families, into the vacuum that is Stark County, Ohio.

I reached out to about a dozen local organizations and have already heard back from half of them.  Everyone seems eager to explore the possibility of working together in order to make Stark County more Autism Aware and provide services for those in need of them. 

This is really uplifting for me personally, because I was losing hope that anyone even cared about our families touched by Autism. 

Based on the response from today alone, my heart is filled with hope once again. 

I’m really excited to see where this all leads.  I’ll keep everyone posted and let you know how you can help to spread the word.  For right now, I’d really be grateful if you would simply Like our Facebook page.  Perhaps even share it in your time line.  The Autism Society is a national organization and chances are there is one close to you. 

As I said, so far, today’s been interestingly successful.  🙂

Please Like us on Facebook.

Thank you.  🙂

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