Do any of your kids “creepy sleep”?

I’ve shared things like this before but I’ve never seen Gavin actually do this…  Gavin does what I affectionately call creepy sleep.  Typically, this refers to anytime he’s sleeping with his eyes open. 

It’s really disconcerting to check on your child before you go to be and find them laying there with their eyes open. 

We’ve kinda gotten used to that happening on occasion.  However,  this morning marked a new level of even creepier sleeping. We were watching a movie this afternoon and I looked over at Gavin and he was sitting there like this.


He was definitely sleeping because I woke him up trying making sure he was okay.

In fairness, this could have been an absence seizure, because he does have epilepsy. However, we haven’t seen any seizure activity in a really long time.  Although truthfully, he could be still having absence seizures and we just haven’t witnessed them. 

Either way, Gavin has a long history of sleeping with his eyes open.  Do any of your kids do this? Aside from being a bit creepy, is this a sign of anything?

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Raynette Jones

my kid has that sleep paralasis when he wakes up and cant move and thinks he cant breathe. it is really scary. he has medicine but about once a month it happens to him. i can remember it happening to me 20 years ago and didnt realize what it was and never thought to tell the dr.

Pandy Nicholas

My boy rolls his eyes when he’s asleep and sits up with his eyes wide open xx

Angie Farrell Plunkett

ohh god our amanda used to sleep with her eyes open freaky

Rose Morrissey Barron

Yea he sleeps wit eyes a bit open 🙂

Mary Franzen Costello

Mine does but is gotten better as he’s gotten older. More low tone I assume.

Devin Smith

My son’s eyes open a little when he falls asleep. That’s how I know he’s sleeping, when they open slightly. Just enough to creep me out LOL. I’m not sure if it’s indicative of anything though. If it is, I’d like to know too!

Lost and Tired

What do you mean Leslie Jones? He was sleepy but trying to finish the movie. It just sorta happened.

Leslie Jones

How does this happen?