OMG!! I’m losing my mind

Emmett woke up at 3 am this morning and shortly after, woke Elliott and they began fighting.  First they were fighting over what show to watch and then they were just fighting.

I woke Lizze up shortly after 6:30 am and finally went back to bed. 

Lizze had to wake me up after a couple hours because she wasnt feeling well and the boys were out of control.

I have to confess that I’m losing my mind. I can’t take the fighting anymore today.  If the weather warms up, I want to take the boys to the playground and let them get rid of some wiggles. 

Anyone else feel like they’re losing their minds today?


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Raynette Jones

today is my birthday and i ate cake all day so i did a lot of emotional eating lol

Lost and Tired

Lena Finley I’m really sorry. That said, good for you for letting that out. 😉

Lena Finley

I’m in the same boat… The whining and fighting over iPad and need me to do something every 2 minutes. Then my husband sleeps in and I do it all ( my life story… I hate weekends because my husband is home but only wants to have fun and relax while I do all responsibilities) then it turns into a fight! I started a new med last night for depression and have a huge migraine coming and we have no groceries and lots to do around our house! Sigh!

Devin Smith

And I thought 6 am was too early. Ugh!! I hope your day gets better!