I don’t know if I’m more angry or heartbroken

Okay.  So this friggin story takes a really frustrating turn.  I was upstairs writing and I heard Gavin say something about forgetting that his homework was already done. WTF does that mean?

How do you forget that your homework is already done?


It gets worse.  The homework he forgot he already finished was the paper that he originally told us he hadn’t finished while in class and told his teacher that he wasn’t turning it in today and he would turn it in tomorrow.

Are you confused yet? Join the club….. (^_-)

In order for us to believe anything he’s said, we would have to believe that when Gavin’s teacher said turn your papers in, that Gavin forgot that he’d finished the paper that he was holding in his hand.

Even if you believe that, he still refused to turn it in and told his teacher that he would bring it back in the morning.  Keep in mind that everyone else turned their papers in, at least according to Gavin.

What’s even more frustrating is the fact that we had a really long and heated conversation with Gavin when he got home from school.  The topic was this particular math paper, how he hadn’t finished it in class and why he refused to turn it in. 

Now he’s saying that he doesn’t know why he didn’t turn it in, because it was done…..

I just don’t understand what he’s doing and I’ve pretty much given up on the why.

His story kept changing and he was so obviously lying but he just kept going.  To be completely honest, I don’t know if I’m more angry or heartbroken….

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Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. 🙂

Dwayne Murphy

Lost and Tired  Dwayne Murphy Read John Rosemond’s Ending the Homework Hassle.

Lost and Tired

Dwayne Murphy that’s actually really, really good advice. Not that your other advice is bad.  This just makes a great deal of sense……again, not that your other advice didn’t make sense.  😉

Kathy Kohl Buehler

You will never get a straight answer from a rad kid. Just make all school HIS deal, not yours. He is probably done with trying after school ends, and doesn’t have much reserve to work with after a day at school, where he probably tries to keep it together. If he is actually losing skills, maybe he is incapable of remembering and organizing his stuff, and then, you will not get him to do it. And, yes, he most likely likes the attention paid to his noncompliance. Not worth giving yourself a stroke over his homework.

Rachele Alessandrini

My son has an aide at school. It helps a majority of the time but is organization is lousy

Maria Hall

My son with adhd will have his work done and not turn it in which is frustrating. His organizational skills are non existent. He has slow processing speed and weak auditory memory skills. We have no clue why he doesn’t turn it in not does he. In his case he just had to click to send it to his teacher. We have his resource teacher double checking things each day and she checks of I’m his agenda what is complete and makes sure he has home work assignment written in properly. We sign off at home also. It’s double checking ad nauseam but it works to keep him accountable. He is 14.

Jen Garibaldi

Have you set up a daily email with his teachers? They can tell you exactly what happened and what was said or turned in. then, you have it n writing when corroborating his story!

Dwayne Murphy

At this point, the best thing for you to do is to just let Gavin be responsible for his own work. I know that you want him to learn and do well, but the attention that you’re giving him is actually stopping him from reaching those goals. My advice is to tell him that Lizzie and you are no longer going to bother him about his homework and schoolwork, but he must still get it done. The only thing you will need to do is impose your usual consequences if his teachers report that he’s not completing his work. If you are certain that this is the result of Reactive Attachment Disorder, this is the way to go. Make the problem Gavin’s, not yours and Lizzie’s.