An uncertain future ahead

As I lead my family into the first full week of June, we are facing many unknowns. We have this whole child protective services thing weighing pretty heavy.

This should be very easy to address because it’s as ridiculous as it is ironic. That said, we take this very, very seriously and there is a huge unknown aspect to this.

Something else I’m worried about is how Gavin is going to react to the increased dosage of IVIG in a few days.


If you recall, last month I was really worried because this really took a toll on him.

I’ve also got to schedule Gavin at the Cole Eye Center for a follow up appointment.  This is really important because his eye doctor can detect neurological problems via an eye exam.  We have an established baseline and it’s time to have his followup visit. 

There is still a release I have to sign and send back to The Cleveland Clinic so they can transfer the remainder of Gavin’s records to John’s Hopkins. I needed to get printer ink, before I could print out and sign the release.

Once we get the records there, we’ll have a better idea of what our next move will be. 

Something that we keep having to put off is getting Lizze back to her new gastro. There is some concern that Lizze has Celiac and she was supposed to return awhile ago but things with Gavin took priority.

This is also the last week of school for the boys. When they return in the fall, Emmett will be joining them. That means that for the very first time, all three boys will be in school at the same time. 

Looking to the end of this week, I have no idea what we will have to experience before we get there.

One thing I know for sure, is that we won’t let this beat us.  We will rise up and move forward with as little fear as possible. We will get through all this together.

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