We had a major victory this morning

I’ve been pretty frustrated lately and really overwhelmed by Gavin’s recent behaviors.  At the end of the day, I haven’t had much energy to focus on anything, let one any victories. 

However, this morning Emmett changed that. 

He went upstairs, without being asked, setup his own toothbrush and brushed his teeth. Nothing like this has ever happened and it’s definitely a victory.

Awesome job Emmett John.  🙂


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OT: Thought I’d show this to you Rob: http://gawker.com/grocery-store-customer-berates-employee-with-asperger-1462657641
I remember when I worked retail. I never worked as a cashier; I was a stocker. Part of being on the autism spectrum is that you’re clumsy. I broke things a lot. I spilled things. The rule is that if you’re working and spill something, call maintenance to clean it up. Well, maintenance hated me and often if I paged them, they wouldn’t come. Sometimes the better part of an hour would pass and they still wouldn’t arrive, and finally I’d clean it up myself, which would cut into my work time and cause problems for me later. Sometimes the maintenance staff would scream at me, just asking them to do THEIR JOB, and I would feel like a piece of gum stuck to their shoe or something. I’ve totally been there, and I left a support message for this guy on FB.