I’m so stinkin proud right now. You gotta see this.

Conferences are over and I’ll have another post talking about how that went.  It was a mixed bag when it comes to Gavin.  Anyway, Emmett’s teacher showed this to us because they’ve been saving it for today. 

Here’s what happened.

Apparently, the other day, Emmett had finished his class work early and needed something to do.  One of his teachers gave him this Math project to work on.  I’m not sure that he’s even really learning any real math yet. They’re counting and grouping etc.  

This was meant as sort of a challenge.  Emmett’s loves being challenged. 

She explained to him that you add the numbers together and put the answer in the blank spot.  He was told that he can count the objects in order to get that number.  Emmett said the he understood and went back to his desk and got to work. 

A few minutes later he brought it back and this is what he had done. 

Not only did he do the problems that required him to count (those were the problems he was supposed to try and do), he completed the much larger problems that didn’t give him the ability to count things out in order to find the answer. 

How friggin awesome is that.  🙂


They were so impressed and just had to show us.  I’m so excited to know that he’s doing so well.  This is going to be something we can do at home.  I want to jump on this and help him to keep practicing. 

One of the coolest thing about Summit Academy is the fact that while there are always educational goals, the kids learn at their own pace.  This means that Emmett can keep on moving forward and it doesn’t impact his classmates.  This is just so cool.  I really needed this today.  🙂

Emmett, you are so amazing.  🙂

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Great news!


Wow, Emmett is such a smart kid! I’m duly impressed. Great job, Emmett, and keep up the outstanding work.
All your boys are gifted in different ways, Rob. You must be one proud papa.

Raynette Jones


Sherri Wishard-Mikeska

Way to go dude!!!!! I remember when my aspie grandson brought home his first great paper after being retained last year. I wanted to frame it! 🙂

Lost and Tired

Keeley Leigh Muncrief thanks. 🙂

Keeley Leigh Muncrief

Go, Emmett!!!


Great job Emmett.


Can’t argue with those kinds of results. Very cool!