I’m really worried about Elliott. Anyone have any advice?

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For the last 2 days, Elliott has been saying that he’s not feeling well.  However, he’s been acting mostly normal, except for the fact that he’s barely eaten anything for the last 2 days.

If I’m to be completely honest, this has me really worried.

I don’t know what’s going with him. Tonight, he even went to bed early, all on his own.  That’s not normal, especially for him.  I would suggest that we get him into the pediatrician but he will completely freak out. 

My gut tells me that what’s bothering him is more emotional in nature and less physical.

I just don’t know what’s bothering him. 

I’m not sure what we are going to do in the morning, even if he’s feeling better. He literally hasn’t eaten anything more than the hotdog he had for dinner. 

At least we have Dr. Pattie today and perhaps she can figure out what’s going on.. Elliott doesn’t like talking about what’s bothering him, so this will be a challenge. 

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i am sorry to have to ask but i forgot. is he the one with the mouth ulcers as they can go down your throat too. Keep in mind that is what you have dr pattie for. let her try to figure it out as she is good to yall. i always used to run to the pediatrition to get a strep test even though my kids didnt look like they have strep. maybe get a wbc. if his white count is good that would be good. I have said before i have a grown sick nt kid and i still don’t know what “I dont feel good” means.


Just trust your gut, it doesn’t seem to have let you down so far – keeping my fingers crossed what ever has you little guy down is nothing serious and comes to the surface sooner rather than later.
I have an 11 yr old on the spectrum (pdd/nos) and although thankfully he is fairly decent at communicating with me, he is definitely an emotion stuffer and will bottle things up that he is worried about until it explodes out of him.  When Elliot complained about not feeling well, did he get specific about what felt sick? Will he let you check him over with out getting too upset? For the basics anyways, sore swollen throat, tender stomach, fever, achy joints etc? At least so you can rule out a virus of some sort that may have him run down…tis the season. Not sure what region you are, but my family & I are Western NY and just got over round 2 of some creep and crud. 
Praying it all works out, JCReid