My Son was Rushed to the Hospital: An Important Update

My Son was Rushed to the Hospital: An Important Update

Alright folks, first of all, I want to thank everyone for all the thoughts and prayers over the last 24 hours. We were really scared and all truly appreciate it. Before I call it a night, I wanted to update everyone as too what happened.

My brain is absolutely fried, and I’m exhausted from a long, emotional 24 hours, so I need to keep this short and sweet.

We started Gavin back on Clozapine Friday night, after a discussion with his doctor. It was decided that Gavin had reached a point where we didn’t have any choice.

He was put back on 300mg, and we were told to give it to him at night because it will help him to sleep through the night. He’d only been off the Clozapine for a few days, and this shouldn’t have been a problem, but it was.

A bit before midnight, we heard some noise from Gavin’s room and assumed he was on a mission. Then we heard him stumbling into the hallway, and we ran upstairs to check on him.

He was unable to speak, stand, walk, hold his head up, and he was not in good shape.

I couldn’t get him safely down the stairs and ended up calling 911 because I was concerned about his airway. He was rushed to the hospital and ultimately admitted for about 24 hours.

They were really good with Gavin and ruled out things like stroke, blood sugar issues or anything else that could have caused his condition.

It was determined that he didn’t handle going back on the Clozapine at that initial dose and would have to be put back on slowly.

Gavin was doing better by mid-morning and was released around noon.

It was very much like he had been heavily intoxicated. I’m talking sloppy drunk and then he sobered up after 24 hours. That’s the best way I could describe it. It was like he was extremely overmedicated, but he wasn’t. It’s just the bizarre way his body reacted.

He’s pretty much back to his old self and while that isn’t always easy to deal with, we’re so grateful he’s back.

That’s the cliff notes version. I’m thinking of recording a more detailed explanation to follow up the last pod, which can be found here.

I want to thank my parents for all their help. My Dad actually beat the ambulance to our house. I want to thank Lizze’s parents for rushing over to rescue the boys, who were terrified to see Gavin like that. They were so scared he wasn’t going to be okay. Thank you all so much.

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The put him back on 300mg all at once? No wonder the poor guy reacted. Glad to hear he’s back to himself and all is ok!!


Thank you for sharing this. I myself suffer from asperger’s, and even though I am high functioning,…

Lynda Mayol

Thank goodness he is okay! Also, lucky he got up so you heard him, if he stayed in bed you wouldn’t have known. Glad he’s back home!

It was nice reading this good news – that Gavin is back to his old self. I see that your parents’ a…

Ryan Ledbetter



What is the clozapine for? Please

LaShell Dauterman

So glad to hear he is doing better!


All my good wishes to you and your family.

Evie Asterwyn

So glad to hear Gavin is on the mend. Can’t begin to imagine what you were going through. Hopefully…


I’m glad Gavin is all right. You never know what will happen with a medicine change, or going off a medicine, or going back on.


I am a recent follower of yours. My daughter is autistic and so it has helped ease my mind a lot knowing that we’re not alone. I want to say I have said a prayer for you and your family. I hope your son continues to feel better and get back into his routine. I look forward to reading more about your daily adventures. Our lives, it seems will always have adventures and continue to grow more unique much like our kids. Sending love.

Ernie the 3rd

My wife, daughter and i (son is sleeping) just held hands and prayed for you literally 5 mins ago.…

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