I’m heartbroken as more concerns about Gavin surface

I’m heartbroken as more concerns about Gavin surface

We have really big issues with Gavin and his homework again.  This time we brought this up at our Tuesday night therapy session with Dr. Pattie. It’s not that Gavin’s being difficult but his ability to even comprehend his homework is of concern. 
Today’s Math assignment didn’t get done while at school so he had to finish it at home.

If you look below at the first page, you will see that either he’s making answers up or he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. 

We spoke with Dr. Pattie, along with Gavin tonight. We all went over his homework and asked him questions. 

The problem is that we have no idea what’s going on. Does he know what he’s doing and just rushing through his work? Is he no longer able to comprehend this stuff and is totally lost? Perhaps it’s a little bit of both?

When we spoke to his teachers last Friday, they assured us that he is doing just fine in Math class. 

How is that possible? Something is very clearly not right.

This page below is just as rough.  He got some answers right but a large portion of the page is illegible.

After talking with Dr. Pattie tonight, the concensus seems to be that Gavin is very likely manipulating everyone but there is very clearly more going on.  The manipulation may be a result of him  or having any idea what he’s doing in class because he no longer has the capacity to understand this stuff.

Dr.  Pattie wants a new battery of intelligence testing done because she suspects his IQ has dropped.  There’s no question of that, in my opinion.

She said that she believes that his IQ has dropped to 70 or below.

I have to call the school in the morning and find out what test or tests were given last time because you can’t give the same test, inside of a 12 month period of time.

Dr.  Pattie also explained that Gavin’s ability to manipulate is not impacted by his IQ.

This has me really worried because his overall regression has really progressed to a point where it is absolutely interfering with his education. 

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Raynette Jones

turn it in with a message to the teacher from you saying “I decline this assignment and dont send anymore”


I am so glad for Dr. Pattie. I was looking at the first homework and had to really look at it to get it if i was the one doing it. when they give you one thing like .25 and you are suposed to say that is 25% plus four other things that might be a bit much to keep up with in his mind just a thought and keep in mind i do believe you about the rad so it is just me giving an nt thought

Dee Brake

many educated adults do not know fractions and percentages.

Shirley Stavedahl

Building block skills …they are unable to connect all the skills…I’ve this!! No way of knowing why some skills carry over and others do not.Thus you think, I know he knows that, he is going to fast and why so sloppy. The kids see a assignment or test and just glance at it and are overwelmed ..ask about having it broke down into smaller chunks/less on one paper if possible!!

Wendy Fonseca

Either way that’s hard homework


do you know why his IQ is dropping? is it kind of similar to Childhood Disintegrative Disorder?

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