His endless talking is driving me nuts

The day overall was pretty good. We had something pop up with one of our utilities but I was able to figure it out and now we’re good with that particular one. This could have been bad but it worked out that that’s super positive.  

Where I struggled today was in dealing with Gavin. I know he means well but holy shit was he driving me crazy. 

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It was one of those days where he shared every thought that went through his head. It seemed constant and without reprieve. Lizze and I were both feeling the burn on this one today. 
When I say he shared everything that went through his head, it was more like he had to verbally announce everything he did or was going to do. 

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  1. Kim Gebhardt

    When you say you had something ‘pop up’ with your utility, I assume you mean they were going to shut you off and didn’t? Last week you said you were panicking every time you saw a utility company truck because you were afraid they were coming to shut you off. That’s all fine and well and I’m glad you got at least one of them sorted, but are you really helping your readers by making light of the problem and its solution? Since Lizze came home you’ve gone from ‘Guy with a blog which chronicles the life of him and his 3 autistic sons’ to ‘Guy who is a mustache short of being Dr. Phil and is helping the masses by making sure they know they are not alone’. That’s all great if it is working for you, but I really do feel you’re doing a disservice by simply saying “Something popped up but it’s all sussed out now!”. You mentioned a few months ago that you spent the morning on the phone selling your soul to secure your home, but didn’t tell anyone how they might be able to do the same. If you want to help people then actually help them. How did you fix the utility issue? How did you secure your home? Was there some Government program or charity that helped? How do you get the kids to try a new food or do their homework? Get them to be okay with the dentist or doctor? Wear their shoes (in the case of Emmett)? Knowing you’re not alone is wonderful, but solutions can be even better.

        1. Moe

          I didn’t say anything disrespectful, but you take EVERYTHING I say that way. I’m not the only one that has noticed you have seemed to regress since Lizzie’s return. Sheesh, you are so sensitive

          1. Moe/Zoe you have been the epitome of Internet trolls. Nothing you have ever said has been productive or positive.

            I’ve tried to block you many, many times and you just keep coming back.

            Is this a bit harsh? Yes but this has been a long standing issue. If you’re going to stick around, be positive and productive

    1. While I’m going to ignore Moe, I will answer your question Kim. I guess I didn’t go into detail because when I do, I get people accusing me of trying to garner sympathy. I was simply trying to avoid that.

      That being said, I get what you’re saying so I can definitely explain since you specifically asked.

      There are a few things that have been going in behind the scenes. I wasn’t talking about them until they were a sure thing.

      The Gas company showed up to shut us off. It was a problem because I was short on funds as a result of a paycheck from a new writing gig being late. There are still some details to work out but this will prove to be very positive for my family. However, my first check which was supposed to arrive end of October, won’t be here until at least next week.

      I’m also finally getting a paycheck from Guardian Locate. It’s nothing to brag about but it makes a huge difference for us.

      Anyway, I paid the Gas bill, knowing that I have overdraft protection, so it would end up going through but I’d be hit with a fee.

      Thankfully, my direct deposit ended up coming in last night and everything worked out. I didn’t think it would be here until next week, like I said but this was a total blessing.

      That’s what happened. This was a calculated risk and not some magical trick I’ve learned along the way.

      That’s all. Sorry, I didn’t thing there was a need to explain but I get where you’re coming from and I hope this makes sense.

      1. Kim Gebhardt

        I understand calculated risks. I’ve had to do it myself at times. Glad to hear things are picking up for you; Guardian Locate seemed like a million years in the making and it’s nice that it’s finally on the market. I also read Lizze’s blog and see that she will be getting disability, so you guys should be in much better shape as we go into 2017.

  2. BJW

    Wow. I read people’s blogs, and assume that what they’ve posted is fine. It’s their blog! I don’t see why others feel they have to criticize, especially your marriage or wife, more specifically. I remember thinking when your marriage blew up, that stress over caregiving was a huge problem. It turned out that you mentioned that in passing after you guys were back together. But honestly, I don’t see a reason to belittle your wife or what happened. I believe in hoping for the best.


  3. K Vano

    I will say this: people “feel sorry” for me for having a nonverbal child. It’s not really always bad. Ive seen kids that are higher up the spectrum than us and they talk all day long. After 9 years of a quiet child I sometimes catch myself in public in awe at how MUCH kids TALK!! My son is starting to use a few words and repeat a few words and I am definitely one of the lucky ones. His little voice is like a symphony when he decides to use it!!

    1. That’s such an awesome outlook. I think people make assumptions about the grass being greener on the other side but that’s not always the case. Being verbal vs non-verbal is not necessarily an indication of how challenging a situation is.

      Thank you so much for your outlook and for taking the time to share.. ☺

  4. Teresa Ryan

    At our house, it’s the same, scripted conversations over and over. The same question I answered a moment ago, asked again. And there is a “right” answer, and if I get it wrong, he will let me know.

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