We will have a copy of Gavin’s latest intelligence testing this afternoon

Copies of Gavin’s latest intelligence testing is being sent home today.  I’m really anxious to view this again because I can’t remember some of the details. 

We also see Dr. Pattie tonight and she wants to see this as well. 

It’s so important that we figure out what the hell is going on because we don’t want to be expecting more from Gavin that what he’s capable of.  At the same time, we don’t want to underestimate his capacity as well. 

As soon as I get my hands on this paper, I’ll let you know what’s going on. 


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Erin Trowbridge Campbell

My son has his re-eval too…but even his teachers said that this test is only a standardized test, we can not base true intelligence by this alone…my son may be almost 16 and has the reading and math understanding of a 7 year old…but you ask him to take apart a 2000 pound diesel engine(my husband is a mechanic) and then put it back together, no problem. He works a lot with his dad on these projects…he loves it…you don’t have to ask him twice to get greasy…sometimes my husband will even call him at school to ask where a certain part goes(each engine has its own fingerprint as it were to fit different trucks) and my kiddo knows exactly where it went…he even can draw the engine if you need him too. He is amazing!


i bet they will be good and also give you peace of mind on what to expect from him