What do you mean you didn’t eat lunch at school today

Elliott wanted a toasted Sunbutter sandwich for lunch today.  We toasted the bun and made his sandwich.  Packed his lunch and thought, maybe, just maybe he would actually eat it. 


He said that he couldn’t taste the Sunbutter and so he wouldn’t touch it.  I don’t know what we are supposed to do.  We will have to get Elliott into the pediatrician and find out what to do.  At the very least, he needs some type of calorie supplement.

I’m telling you, this shit just never ends.  O_o


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Michelle P

Best of luck whatever you choose Rob. New follower here and I admire your bravery and endless strength. You just keep on trucking, and it is so inspirational.

Lost and Tired

Great ideas. Elliott lives to cook but he won’t eat it. I definitely tried that. Making eating a reward-able behavior is another good idea. Thanks Angela Cavallo Hager and Michelle P

Michelle P

Does he like to help cook? What would he make if he had (safe obviously) control?

Angela Cavallo Hager

My son went through this phase when on Concerta and it is very stressful. I completely understand. Just keep at him and maybe for the interim make eating a rewarding behavior.

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone 🙂

Angela Cavallo Hager

You could try getting some flavored protein powder and mixing it with milk and fruit to save money on premade shakes.

Tara Safarian

We use pediasure!

Lost and Tired

rjones22 @Clementine Kruczynski @Shelley Blundell thanks everyone.  We were paying for pediasure out of pocket, really expensive.  He began refusing to drink them and we couldn’t afford to buy them, only to throw them away because he wouldn’t finished.  
II’m going to try to get a script for it though and that will be a bit easier.  

Thank you all, so very much for your concern.  🙂

Clementine Kruczynski

Depending on your insurance things like pedicare might be covered with a prescription.


there is actually good news and maybe just talk about the eating at a regular pediatiran appointment as he wont do anything anyway unless he is “failure to thrive” which means you have to be way way underweight. Get him to do the blood test that test his vitiamin levels as long as that is good you don’t have to worry. Keep in mind when i say that i have one that is underweight and we almost went the central line route (again) but when they tried to put it in something wasnt right so they took it right out and we just make due. my son has mouth ulcers (horrendous) and i have been working on this for 8 years and nothing but narcotics work and that is barely. he won’t/cant drink the ensure etc. the dietician brought in every kind of drink they have and she knew they all tasted bad, and they do and he wont drink them because it makes him sick to his stomach or throw up. neither are good because he wont get any other calories if he feels sick or throws it up. sorry. hope he is ok and it is a blip on the already time consuming radar

Shelley Blundell

we use poly-joule to add calories worth asking about