Gavin’s not feeling well again today but I’m not freaking out

Gavin’s not feeling well.  He’s all congested once again and is coughing.  He’s under the weather enough that he has spent the day thus far in his room. 

He was sleeping for a bit and then watching TV on his tablet.

I’m a little concerned because he shouldn’t be getting sick like this.  For one thing, he just finished up his broad spectrum antibiotic this morning, so that should be covering anything that’s not a virus. His IVIG should be taking care of the rest..

Maybe I’ll give a call to his immunologist in the morning because she may want bloodwork to check his immunoglobulins and make sure his IVIG dose doesn’t need to be increased. Gavin’s immunodeficiency is progressive, meaning that as time goes on, this natural immune system gets worse.  At this point in time, all that means is that his dose of IVIG needs to be adjusted to meet the his needs and keep him safe. 

In the last four or five years, he’s had to have his dose adjusted two or three times. 

If you notice though, I’m not freaking out.  I’m just going to keep an eye on him and talk to his doctor in the morning. ☺

For the record, I’m proud of myself because I tend to freak out when Gavin’s has anything going on because of all the health issues he has and how badly things with him can get..


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