December 2013 archive

When are we going to learn that #hate is not the way

I’m saddened that an organization like The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism can become so lost and overcome by intolerance and hate that they are no longer relevant in our efforts to spread Autism Awareness.

Emmett’s latest Lego masterpiece

Emmett wanted me to share is latest Lego creation with all of you.

I’m exhausted already

It’s gonna be one of those days

Check out Gavin’s latest masterpiece

Gavin would love your feedback on his latest drawing.

Yeah…. It’s been that kind of day. Check out this 15 second video of Emmett

It’s been a meltdown and stemming kind of day. Check out this 15 second, adorable video of Emmett.

Confessions of an #Autism Dad: Feeling incredibly overwhelmed today

“Here’s the thing about being positive. Everyone always wants you to be positive but the truth is, sometimes it’s just not possible. Sometimes things are so bad or so overwhelming that no amount of positive thinking or even fairy dust, will make things anymore bearable.”

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