I wish I had been in a better place this morning

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I was so stressed out and exhausted this morning, after all the meltdown and other challenges we face before school.  One of the things that I did today to relax and sorta cool off a bit, was I took a nap on the couch with Maggie. 

Maggie has this thing where she likes to curl up at my feet and lay her big’ol head across my legs. 

While we were struggling with the flea problem this Fall, we could let her on the furniture, for obvious reasons.  However, since the problem seems to be under control now, I let her snuggle with me in the couch this morning.  OMG…..it was so relaxing.  🙂

She’s a very muscular dog and so she’s pretty heavy and acts like a giant weighted blanket. 

I never really out two and two together but I can understand why the boys love their weighted blankets.  The weight is very calming and Maggie just sorta absorbs stress and anxiety. She’s such an amazing addition to our family.  In fact, on December 11th, we will have had her for 5 years, making her almost 7 years old. 

Anyway, I wish I had been in a better place this morning but thanks to Maggie and my nap, I’m in a better place for when the kids get home from school.. That’s probably more important. 


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At first I thought you were talking about your wife!!! Maggie looks great – Rhodesian Ridgeback? Our dog Sadie was the same…they are so good for the soul! I’m still learning the lesson ‘take care of me first’ so its great you took a nap…thanks for your blog…Have a good Xmas…atb

Lost and Tired

rjones22 BeckyRogersWiren thanks.  Maggie is awesome and I felt rested when I woke up.  Sometimes I wish someone else was in charge because then I would just have to follow directions.  🙂


thanks for taking a nap. I wish I was in charge of you and you would take one everyday after you drop the kids off lol


It sounds pleasant and peaceful. Plus, having a loving pet nearby helps.