What NOT to say to an #Autism parent

It’s pretty common to hear someone say, “I don’t know what to say.” I thought we could help the public to better understand what NOT to say to an Autism parent.  Sometimes it’s more important to know what NOT to say, than it is to find the words.


Let me give you a few examples of things that you should NOT say to an Autism parent.

NEVER say to an Autism parent that, they just need their butt whooped. Not only is that pretty ignorant but it’s pretty do insensitive as well. 

Accusing a child having a meltdown of being a spoiled brat is something you should NEVER EVER say to an Autism parent. 

Something else that I would recommend you NOT saying to am Autism parent is, he/she doesn’t look Autistic. What exactly does Autism look like?

Lastly, even if you’re well intentioned, please never tell am Autism parent that their child will outgrow the Autism…….

Let’s help to educate the public by teaching them what NOT to say to YOU, about your child with Autism.

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