Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers as we may have a serious problem on our hands

Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers as we may have a serious problem on our hands

I don’t have any idea how bad this is actually going to turn out to be, mostly because it’s never happened before.  We have to call Gavin’s immunologist in the morning because he’s getting sick. 

Why is this a big deal?

For starters, Gavin has asthma.  This means that any respiratory illness can be very dangerous.  However, in Gavin’s case, asthma is the least of our concerns. 

Gavin has a severely compromised immune system and must receive IVIG each and every month or he essentially would have no immune system.

Since he began these infusions a couple years ago, he has never been sick….not even once.

Right now he has a nasty, wet cough and a lot of congestion.  It seems to have almost appeared since he got home from school today.  At the very, very minimum, Gavin will be kept out of school in the morning.  There’s no way we can take a chance with anything getting worse or him catching something else. 

I can easily envision a trip to Akron Children’s Hospital in out very near future to make sure we are dealing with pneumonia, as he’s been prone to that in the past.  In fact, when he was first diagnosed with primary immunodeficiency, he was diagnosed with pneumonia the same visit. 

Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers.  Hopefully we won’t need it, but if we do, we’ll need all the help we can get. 

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Rebecca Nastasia

Thoughts and prayers.

Lost and Tired


Nancy Ragusa

Good luck Gavin and feel better soon! Healing thoughts and prayers are headed your way.

Rose Morrissey Barron


Charlene L. Reaser

Hope Gavin’s ok

Shalome Bossiquit Pettie

Praying for a swift recovery

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone

Michelle P

Hope whatever is the problem is treated quickly and he feels better asap! You will be in my thoughts.

Diane Sylvester Ianni


Shawna Whitt


Bloom & Grow LLC

You are in my thoughts and prayers as we head into this time of Thanksgiving. Know that you, and I, are not in this alone, we are in good company. we are always out here for you and your family.

Lost and Tired

rjones22 shawneerenee31 thanks everyone.  🙂 We truly appreciate it.


always praying for Gavin and your family. I know you are (like me) on a tight watch for something that is wrong and sometimes it turns out it is something wrong but something wrong that happens to everyone else. Like my son was having a stomach ache (bad) and in my mind i was over reacting. it went away but while it was happening i was thinking every thought it could be. i wish i wouldnt do tha


Gavin is in my prayers! I hope he feels better really soon.

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