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Emmett was up ALL night long.  He’s launching into a new fever flare.  This time however, he’s actually running a high grade fever. Since his surgery, he’s not actually had many fever flares that included a fever, let alone a high grade one. 

The biggest issue with these flares lately, has been the mouth sores.

Yesterday, we noticed that Emmett’s mouth was breaking out again and it only came to our attention because he was refusing to eat. 

Last night or rather, early this morning, Emmett climbed into our bed because he was freezing.  I mean, he was literally shaking uncontrollably.  The moment I touched him, I knew what was going on because he was burning up. 

After a round of Advil, his fever broke but we never really got him back to sleep.

We’re having to sorta fight with him right now because he does not want to stay home from school. My concern is that the Advil is just about to wear off and he will very quickly become miserable.  He’s not actually sick and certainly not contagious but he’s absolutely miserable. 

The sores are going down the back of his throat, so he’s even talking funny and his fever is very likely to return in the next hour or so.

This absolutely sucks.  He’s miserable, Lizze and I are exhausted and after yesterday, I really needed to get some sleep.  Clearly that’s not going to happen now. 

Please say a prayer for Emmett and if you don’t mind, include Lizze and myself as well.  🙁


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Praying for you all. You deserve a break. Our little man has decided the last two nights that his day starts at 2 – 3 am. Luckily we know he will have to crash soon. I really feel for you all, hang in there !

Shirley Stavedahl

Stay positive the family needs your strength at this time more then ever. Here is positive for the day (if you have not read about it already-the LA Times has a story about Oxytocin boosting social ACUITY in children with autism… OXYTOCIN has been previously referred to as the “cuddle ” hormone for other uses!

Mark N Kathleen Visscher

Wow,5 that cup of coffee looks too small to follow an all nighter!

Kristine Lackner-All

Poor guy! My little one has been like that and a horrible cold. It’s rough. Prayers and well wishes!!

Denise Reynolds Laubacher

hahaha! very nice…these are so fun 🙂 and expressive!

Rosie Calabro

🙁 hope he is ok

Tami Herb Simon

we all know that feeling, hope he feels better soon! Prayers said for all of you!