A hectic morning puts Gavin to the test

The morning got off to a hectic start today. Lizze had an appointment and Gavin had his blood work.   

We dropped Lizze off and I took Gavin to get his blood drained. Lol

I’m currently watching the boys play on the playground while I do some writing. We have about 30 minutes to kill before picking Lizze up and heading home. 

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On a side note, when I sent the boys into the fenced in playground, I put Gavin in charge. He’s handling any little squabbles and is making sure everyone stays safe.  I’m still right here and watching all of them but Gavin’s doing a fantastic job.  

I try to increase his level of responsibility when I can.  As I sit here closely observing all of them, I’m so impressed with just how well Gavin is doing.  ☺ 

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