Could today get any worse? Wait.. I take that back, our water was just shut off

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As I’m trying to relax with Gavin at the hospital and worrying about whether or not he’s going to be okay, Lizze calls me because our waters been shut off.  I think.. don’t know what to think.  This is a major fail on my part and it will join the long list of my epic parenting fails.

I’m so overwhelmed and can’t even explain what I feel right now because my brain is on complete overload and I’m literally shaking.

This is absolutely one of those times where my best just wasn’t good enough. At this point, it’s one crisis at a time.  There’s nothing I can do from Gavin’s hospital room. I’ll just spend the next 3+ hours worrying about it.  Even if I could pay to get it turned back on, today’s Friday and I don’t know if they come out on the weekend to turn water back on.  I don’t know if there is a cutoff time for them to come out today. 

Gavin’s still doing okay and that’s what I’m clinging to right now.  Things are just not going good for us right now. 🙁


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this is not a parenting fail. this is life. Where is your social worker? Do you have one? if you don’t call the hospital and get one because you do have one or several since you have several sick children. Yes I seem to be telling you what to do but I seem to do that when people have too much on there plate. i will never forget my son going into the hospital to get his bone marrow transplant. there were seven other paitents at the same time. by the time we left in 28 days, I made sure everyone knew their social worker, had three phone numbers to different churches by their houses to help them, we watched their kid while they went to a drs appt to get some anti anxeity meds (which they should have been on already) and had a meeting with the parents and the nursing staff (I brought in my family members to watch their kids while we met) just so that every one knew what the nurses jobs were. it was unbelievable how much the parents were doing and how short staffed the nurses were. they families didnt know that a nurse’s job was to come and sit with their child so they could take a 15 minutes break, they didnt know that nurses were to bathe or help bathe the children or change the dressings on the ports (which is horrible for a parent to have to do especially if the kids are allergic to tape) etc. I wish I could go back every month or so to indoctrinate lol the new parents but unfortunatley, 9 years after transplant I am too traumatized to go. I don’t think I am using it as an excuse I think it is my real PTSD which makes me mad because I could be helpful, but i have to survive mentally as well.


If you haven’t yet, go find a local agency that works with homeless services (your local department of social services is a good place to start).  You don’t have to be homeless to get assistance; I’m not in your state so don’t know the specifics out there, but I work in the homelessness community and the Federal gov’t is giving us money to PREVENT homelessness now, which has not historically been the case.  Get a case manager to help you get whatever benefits you can and they often have emergency $ for just this sort of thing.  
Be well and my prayers are with  you!


These issues aren’t endemic to special needs families, Rob. You throw that out there all the time, but in reality millions of families have financial issues. I’m also sure there are a bunch of “special needs families” that are financially ok.

Jessica Gresham

Praying for you and your family. My heart goes out to you guys, you are amazing people.


I recently missed a deadline and my lights got turned off,grrr, and I don’t have near as much on my plate as you do. It will get resolved, this is not an epic parenting fail.


Yikes, I am sorry this is happening to you.  I hope that you can get it sorted out.


there is usually a “surcharge” if you ask them to come on the weekend.  it’s a lot – here it is $50 – so if you can swing it until monday, i would.


Your family is in my prayers today and everyday.

Lost and Tired

Peggy Thompson No worries. I wasn’t asking. So many of us are in the same boat. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. That’s more than I could ask for.
I only share this because 1) Writing is how I cope and 2) People need to know what life is like for special needs families, or at least can be like.

Peggy Thompson

in so wish I could help you, but I have nothing myself, I pray for your family all the time.