I'm going to fix this and I won't stop until I do -

I’m going to fix this and I won’t stop until I do

The boys are off to school and I have officially confirmed that the van hasn’t been stolen.  I’m going on about 45 minutes of sleep right now and I have a few phone calls to make before I know what my options are or my chances are to fix this situation. 

My eyes and heart are heavy this morning but I’m not going to let that keep me from being as positive as possible. 

I’m going to fix this and I won’t stop until I do. 🙂


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Again, I am late but I hate the van situation and the van and the word hate.


Lost and Tired  pleaseandthanks Just so you’re aware, not all of the facebook comments seem to be being imported. There are a handful I can see on facebook that don’t show up here (including the one by Mia, which I assume is what pleaseandthanks is confused about).

Lost and Tired

jillhill2 that doesn’t matter.


How far behind on payments are you?

Lost and Tired

Kathy Brower this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with these types of comments. I don’t mind people asking questions but I’ve grown tired of people trolling.
Everyone is welcome to there opinion I didn’t feel this was really a serious question based on my overall experience with this person.

Lost and Tired

pleaseandthanks wow.. Nothing was deleted and nothing is ever censored. These comments are imported from Facebook if they have a little Facebook logo.  Your comment and this comment originated here, so no Facebook logo.  My commenting system imports the comments made this post that was shared on Facebook.  

People can delete their own comments but unless the commentor is a troll and has repeatedly offended, nothing is ever deleted or censored.  Why would you immediately jump to something like that? 

For the record, in 3 years, I’ve only ever had to ban 2 people…

Kathy Brower

I think she DOES serve a purpose. As a person seeking to provide insight as a parent of three special needs kids, you’re seeking to enlighten people, not crucify them for not understanding.


I’m trying to catch up and follow, but I think something is missing. Who are you responding to?


Was a comment deleted?
What was censored?

Lost and Tired

Sarah Rapaport Thank you for sharing your opinion. Have a great night. 🙂

Sarah Rapaport

No, I’m not Mia – just another reader who has at some point felt sorta the same way..

Lost and Tired

Sarah Rapaport where is this coming from? Are you and Mia Hanson the same person? You are responding as though you are…

Lost and Tired

Sarah Rapaport I’m sorry, I hadn’t directed that at you. You’re absolutely right. Without walking in someone’s shoes, there’s no way to know just what people are living with.

Lost and Tired

Mia Hanson your ability to show compassion towards another human being leaves much to be desired. Why do you read only to criticize? Do you have any experience at all?
You don’t have to agree with anything and you certainly don’t have to like it. I only ask that if you have nothing positive to say or are incapable of a basic level of humanity, please unlike this page and simply move on.
Nothing about our situation is easy to understand and there is no simple fix. Everyone’s situation is different and to be completely honest with you, your comments about my wife serve absolutely no purpose. We aren’t asking you to do anything. I ask for help to keep the site and support forums on line and that’s it.
Please just move on with your life. I’m sure you’re a very nice person but I take great offense so someone belittling what my wife is going through.
Please have a good day.

Lost and Tired

I really appreciate it I’m just doing what any husband or father would do. I really do appreciate hearing that though because I really hard on myself. Thank you all so much.

Angela McDonough

praying for you

Linda McCauley

You are one amazing human being, you face adversity in the face and keep moving on, you may not feel this at the moment but you are a hero to your family and a inspiration to me a complete stranger. Is there someway we can help you this holiday season?

Rosie Calabro

So sorry this has happened to you all

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