Show of hands. Who HATES when their child with #Autism is sick? Here's our story. -

Show of hands. Who HATES when their child with #Autism is sick? Here’s our story.

Show not hands people. Who here hates when their little one with Autism is sick?

This morning, Emmett was kept home from school because he was complaining of a tummy ache.  Emmett doesn’t like to stay home from school, so when he says he wants to stay home and lay down, he’s not feeling well. 

He made it a couple of hours before he puked. 

With that being said, there are three electronic devices that I use every single day.  My Galaxy Note 3, my bluetooth headset and This little bluetooth speaker I got about 2 years ago..

When my poor sweet Emmett John puked, he puked all over 2 of those 3 electronic devices. 

As soon as he started, I scooped him up and raced him to the bath tub.  The poor little guy felt so bad that he puked on my stuff.  I kept telling him that “it’s okay, Daddy’s not mad at all.  These are just things and your so much more important.” 

Thankfully, my Galaxy Note 3 was spared because I almost exclusively run Lost and Tired from this device.  The jury is still out on the rest of the items. 

I tried for 3+ hours to help him relax and fall asleep but he was to uncomfortable.  He ended up snuggling with Lizze in our bed and falling asleep. I know that Lizze feels like she doesn’t do enough but this is just one example of her being able to provide comfort to our child that is sick.  That’s pretty darn important if you ask me.  I know it was important to Emmett. 

Anyway, he seems to be feeling better and hopefully this was just something he ate that wasn’t agreeing with him.

I’m pretty sure the last thing in the world we need is a stomach bug going around the house.  I hate when my kids on the Autism Spectrum are sick.  There is just so many things that make it much more challenging than if a neurotypical child is sick with the same thing, at least in my experience.  Not that a neurotypical child is easy when sick…. Hopefully you understand where I was going with that….


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Meaghan1985 rjones22 We all used to have to get flu shots because my sick son that doesnt have the flu had a bone marrow transplant. then i one year my oldes said that the flu shot gave him the flu onetime. it did not, he is 26 and just doesnt remember life i guess. He has actually had the flu before we had flu shots so at least he knew to go to the dr to get medicine for the flu. I hope he will get the flue shot next year. he is a great young man but i might have to guilt him in to it as much as i hate to do it but he is an adult and knows in our family gets the flu shot even though we dont have too for my non flu sick son anymore. I hope the one that did get the flu shot got the right strain to combat what his brother has. My sick son is up visiting for 2 months with the one that now has the flu. I was suposed to relax, get a break and of course my sick son getting  a break from me. he still has his break, but it seems i have to be constantly villigent even though he is with a trusted person, that trusted person has the FLU. I know everybody has problems, but I really needed this break of constant worrying and was getting it till now. i am not in full blown worry, just that little bit i can’t let go because the FLU IS DANGEROUS for both of them or anybody. I wish you didnt have such a hard time when you had the flu.

Lost and Tired

rjones22 reonyea . ElleHansen @Sylvia Vann thanks everyone. I appreciate u our love and support. 🙂 

Dwayne Murphy I’m so sorry that happened to you.  I’m so glad you found your way here. 🙂


Dwayne Murphy That sucks 🙁 Poor kid-you


GWS Emmett.

Sylvia Vann

I pray that your son feels better soon. I also hate when my son gets sick. I feel helpless during that time.

Dwayne Murphy

I know that I was a little bit of a bastard when I first wrote to you, Rob–but I must say that I am growing to like you more and more as a father as I keep reading your blog. When I was a kid, I threw up all over my parents’ bedroom when I was sick; my father yelled at me and dragged me down the stairs by arm to the kitchen sink. My father NEVER said to me that I was more important than his things.


rjones22 Last year I didn’t get a flu shot and I sure learned my lesson! I got the flu and was down and out for two weeks. Of course I got sick on a Friday, and  I was up all day and all night, all weekend long, coughing, until I could go get a cough syrup prescription from the doctor.


That poor baby. He really doesnt look like he felt well. I hope lizzie feels her contribution of being able to comfort him. since my kids are NT i understand completely what you mean that kids with autism that are sick would be worse. or it would be for me. My 26 year old NT kid just texted me he got back from the dr and he has the flu for real. I told him to get a flu shot. he didnt get one because he is grown and didnt want one. I hope he listens now as he hates to be sick. he has a good girlfriend that will take care of him.  the great news is that his brother,my sick kid, is staying with him right now and has had a flu shot so i hope it helps him not get what brother has.

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