PICA and the missing toothpaste

Lizze and I noticed that a brand new tube of bubble gum flavored,  Sponge Bob toothpaste. 

Gavin has denied any involvement in the case of the missing toothpaste.  However,  he is the only member of the Lost and Tired family that has a rather long history of doing things like this. He has, at many times in the past,  secretly stashed things like toothpaste and other non-food things that he likes to eat or drink.

Anytime this has happened in the past,  Gavin continuously denies whatever it is we question him about until we discover the evidence in his possession. 

The problem with this is that we don’t know what we should do.  I mean,  do we assume that he’s lying and error on the side of safety or do we take him at his word?

I never want to treat his as though we don’t trust him, but sadly, we just can’t do that because he won’t tell us the truth.

I think in the morning I need to search his room and see if I can find any evidence that he is not being truthful.

Anyone else out there deal with things like this?

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It sounds like Gavin may have some PTSD. That kind of hoarding and his response when questioned is consistent with a child with PTSD. It is a need to insure the things he loves will be there. He's insecure about something. I worked with a few kids with PTSD. You might give him an 'amnesty box to put these things in his room call it a treasure box, so you aren't constantly looking for them in his room, but he can't harm himself ingesting something that might harm him. And you can check regularly and retrieve harmful items. The behavioral sequencing pattern has to be broken somewhere before it becomes a confrontation with him in the position of being the chronic thief and liar and you both as his parents confronting him with it and having to search his room for missing items. with everything on your plates, I just don't know if you have time to work on when these episodes happen so you know what triggers the behavior. Work on the hoarding behavior first, then if the denial does not dissipate with the end of the hoarding, address his fear of being questioned.


That is a really good idea. He does have PTSD and your amnesty box is a fantastic idea.
Thank you very much for sharing that. I believe we will do that. 🙂


Look for it soon! Fluoride can be deadly. See this article for a chart telling how much is too much. The chart is for a specific brand of toothpaste


Bethany doesn't have Pica but loves toothpaste. This is why we get her a kind that has not fluoride AND we keep it out of reach. She knows where it is, but she would need to drag a chair to get to it in the hallway so she can't snag it anymore!. Regarding the lying, maybe you can remind him that if he is lying, the truth will evenutally come out, anyways. So it is in his interst to tell you right away if he has taken it or not. Lucky he is verbal…


Look for it soon! Fluoride can be deadly. See this article for a chart telling how much is too much. The chart is for a specific brand of toothpaste, but I bet there is not much difference. http://www.fluoridealert.org/toothpaste.htm