When #positive thoughts just aren't enough -

When #positive thoughts just aren’t enough

I just heard back from the bank about our van.  Unfortunately, even with the new information, in order to get our van back, we have to pay off the loan.  This is just not something that we can do. 

What does this mean for us? I just don’t have any idea, what we’re going to do at this point. 

I guess this is one situation that I just can’t fix. 


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Jen Garibaldi

Sorry rob…. That just plain sucks


Stupid van. I no it is better than no van at all but at least it wont get broke or stolen.


Did you at least get your water turned back on?


So sorry 🙁  You may have to scrape by until you can file your taxes and then use the return for a down payment at one of those buy here pay, here lots. That is what I am going to do, not because I am without a vehicle right now (I have my gas guzzling pickup and but need something smaller to drive back and forth to school) but because my credit is so bad that I cannot get financing any other way. It will all work out in the end, just gotta get by till then!


Reach out to an car dealership that specializes in bad credit or repo situations. They have to exist especially since so many folks are in your exact shoes with financial troubles…but hey, I always say money issues are the easiest to fix. On the bright side, your little guys are full of life and love, and you have a great marriage! 🙂 That is more than a lot of people can say. You’ll get thru this!

Charlene L. Reaser

🙁 i’m so sorry

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