WTF – This is a major problem

I’m so incredibly frustrated because this whole Gavin and his transition to home IVIG infusions is a complete nightmare.  In truth, that’s a massive understatement.

This is in fact, a fucking debacle.

I spoke with the Immunologist’s office today when they called. They wanted to let us know that Gavin will, for the second month (since he was supposed to be doing these at gome), have to make the trip to the hospital for his IVIG Infusion. 

Despite the serious risks to his health by making the trip, we have to do so once again this Thursday.

He was supposed to be transitioned 2 months ago but due to insurance issues and miscommunication, here we are facing another trip to the hospital.

The first hang up was because the doctors office was billing the wrong insurance company.  Then there was confusion over whether or not a nurse was supposed to come to our house.  What was/is supposed to happen is that we are to go to the Immunologist’s office for the very first sub-q infusion. 

The last bit of confusion was cleared up this afternoon when the nurse from his Immunologist’s office explained what the hang up was this time.

Apparently, when we come into the doctors office for his first sub-q infusion, a 3rd party nurse is the one who teaches us.

The problem we are now facing is that our doctors office and insurance company can’t seem to agree on the nursing service that will provide the nurse to do the first infusion.

Can you believe that shit. (^_-)

At this point we have our case manager at the insurance company connecting with the doctor’s office to figure this crap out. 

If we skip the hospital infusion and wait for the sub-q, we put Gavin at risk.  If I take him on Thursday to the hospital for his IVIG Infusion, we put him at risk.

What am I supposed to do?   

…….and people wonder why I’m so stressed out all the time.  O_o

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Charlene L. Reaser

UGHHHH — insurance is always such a freaking nightmare. I have great insurance but because my son has autism, they file most everything as mental health – and the part of my mental health insurance sucks. Good luck. You can’t make a perfect choice. There isn’t one. Go with your gut

Kim Kennedy

Its almost like they dont realize this is a human beings health you are talking about!!! WTF! He’s not just paperwork. Bastards