We finally made it to the pediatrician

Traffic was horrid and it took me an extra 35 minutes of Autonomic Crisis inducing, stop and go traffic but we finally made it to the pediatricians office.

Gavin’s definitely struggling a bit after the drive but his body seems to be coping pretty good and he should pull out of it before anything significant happens.

We’re here because we need to get to the bottom of his weight loss and figure out how to turn the tide. 

The big question is why. Why is he losing weight and what can we do about it? Hopefully, we will be able to walk away with some answers or at least a plan of attack. I’m really nervous because I can’t take anymore bad news. There’s been quite enough bad news for one week already.  🙁


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Lost and Tired

That’s really good advice. Yes the doctors are concerned because there doesn’t appear to be a cause. I weigh him at least once a week and I also don’t in the morning, before he eats anything. This way, it’s as consistent as possible.


Are doctor’s concerned about him loosing weight. Teenagers burn lots of calories, due to their growth spurts in teen years, I heard parents discussing that their teens eat like horses, which was not a normal eating habit, when they were younger. However this could a serious sign too. I am not sure. I would keep a close eye on his eight, such as weighting him daily, immediately after waking up, so that you can track his weight loss in lb, oz, and per day. Also keep a chart of his food intake. This can help provide some answers in his overall pattern of eating and loosing weight, if any.

Lost and Tired

Friggin autocorrect