Let the #meltdowns begin -

Let the #meltdowns begin

This was such a long ass day. I don’t have the words to describe how exhausting today has been for Lizze and I. Emmett has been in rare form and driving everyone nuts. 

I don’t know if it’s the holiday’s or just that everyone’s been sick but it’s been a loud day, full screaming and meltdowns. 

It’s been meltdown after meltdown and this isn’t exactly the way I wanted to start Christmas break.  Unfortunately, it’s the way it did and somehow we’re gonna make the best of it. 

I think we are going to try extra hard to keep things as calm and laid back as possible this holiday season. 

If things are this bad now, just wait until the real overstimulation beings.  I’m not exactly looking forward to my kids going through that or me having to deal with it. 

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prayers for calmness for you guys. Merry Christmas

PhilandBron Read


Lisa Stucker

ummm here too … let the fun begin … you’ll find me in my room with a Christmas movie

Jennifer Judson

Us too!

Clydeine Adamchick

here too!

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