Like bungie jumping with dental floss -

Like bungie jumping with dental floss

As you probably already know, Elliott returned to the pediatrician today.  Unfortunately,  instead of getting better,  he’s actually getting worse.

Apparently, he’s developing a sinus infection and the cough isn’t getting better but hasn’t got any worse. 

The doctor said if he’s not drastically improved by Monday we’ll have to switch antibiotics. We also have to stay on top of his inhalers to help keep this out of his lungs. 

The boys don’t have school tomorrow anyway so no loss there. 

Trying to get Elliott to rest is like bungie jumping with dental floss.  It doesn’t end well and either way your banging your head into something. 

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I had some sort of sinus infection like what you describe here just this past Spring. I was not getting any better nor getting worse for over 5 weeks. I was coughing like crazy, non stop, to the point my stomach was hurting really bad. I really thought seasonal allergies are to blame for stuffiness and coughing. Finally I went to urgent care, and it was sinus infection. As the doctor explained, excessive coughing was actually a defense mechanism from getting anything in the lungs. 
Antibiotics took care of everything for me and I was relieved from coughing my brains out within few days! 
I really don't envy Elliott with this one, and I hope given antibiotics will give him some immediate relief!!! Get well Elliott!

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