What TV shows do your kids with #Autism really like? -

What TV shows do your kids with #Autism really like?

As a parent to kids with Autism, sometimes it hard to find TV shows that are appropriate for my kids to watch.  Admittedly, we don’t have cable or satellite, so we aren’t always aware of everything that’s available. 

Instead, we steam Netflix. This provides us with plethora of options but it can still be tough to find shows that are developmentally stimulating, yet entertaining and engaging at the same time. 

I thought we could exchange our experience on this subject. 

What shows do you really like for your kids? What shows Don your kids really like?


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Lost and Tired

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traumanewell My son is 10 &likes Uncle Grandpa cause he thinks his voice is funny. Show weirds me out but that is lost on my son.#autism


My 13 yr. old son likes preschool shows best. He still watches Nick Jr. & Qubo, Dora, Diego, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George, Thomas The Tank Engine & he really loves watching The Magic School Bus lately 🙂 When Hannah Montana was on he enjoyed watching it from a distance whenever my daughter was watching it LOL & he still enjoys the Hannah Montana Movie & dvd’s too 🙂

Lost and Tired

We are in the same boat. We even have some My Little Pony fans here as well.

Lost and Tired

bobquizno you’re welcome to take exception to this post, it simply means you missed the point.  This whole site is about special needs parenting.  And yes…. The shows kids on the spectrum watch may be different then their typical peers.  My oldest is 14 and because of the development delays, he likes shows that most typical 14 year old boys have long since outgrown.  

Whether you like it or not, kids on the spectrum are often times differ not then their peers.  They can experience things much differently for a number of reasons.  

Perhaps this site isn’t for you but we’re helping a lot of people.  Everyone does things differently…   Wow…. So defensive.  You definitely took this post wrong.


Do mainstream kids like different shows than kids on the spectrum?  My little guy seems to have the same interests as his friends, which have all been mentioned here.

It seems like you’re trying to stigmatize autistic kids by intimating that they are different or have different likes…even in regards to the shows they like.  I take exception to that.  My wife an I have been trying to tell our son that he’s NOT different than his friends.  He only sees, feels and processes things we all see differently.  
By starting posts intimating that autistic kids like different shows, you go against what we, and many other special needs parents have been striving for…mainstream acceptance.  I thought this site was to shed light on the special needs community…not to draw distinctions.

Jen Garibaldi

little einsteins.

Scott N Jodie Tompkins

My kids are pretty young..though my oldests tastes are evolving. For smaller kids, here are my suggestions(my sons tastes), Superwhy..has been a favorite in our house forever! Jojos circus we marathoned over a weekend lol Any and all Leapfrog movies. Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. Just In Time. Pinky Dinky Doo. Color Crew. Thats a few.

Angela McDonough

but Cody is 16 so i let him watch things that are aged for older teens and young adults

Angela McDonough

all paranormal shows and Japenies Anime

Lost and Tired

MrMiller23 My kids all love the same shows.  Right now they are also into Peep and the big wide world.


Our 5-yr old son is still obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. Aside from that, Nick Jr type stuff: Dora, PAW Patrol, etc.
Otherwise he likes movies such as Shrek, The Incredibles, Toy Story…

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