I’m heartbroken over forcing my son with #Autism to go to school today

I woke up exhausted, but in a good mood. That mood carried me through until it came time to get Emmett in his shoes and socks. 
Lizze worked for quite some time with him on being able to tolerate his shoes and socks. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts and massive amounts of patience, we never resolved anything for more that a few minutes.  

Emmett was okay with things until he got in the car and I began making the drive to school. 

At this point he’s freaking out, screaming and ripping his shoes off again. This lasted the entire trip to the school and I wasn’t in the best place to deal with this. 

When we got to school, I had to park the car because he wouldn’t get out or put his shoe back on. It was already 8:30 am and I’m really beginning to stress out because I have a million things to do today. 

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