Sleeping off the #Christmas #Sensory Overload

As low key as our holiday has been, it was still overwhelming for my kids with Autism, especially Emmett.  Of the three boys, Emmett is the most sensory sensitive and is also the most profoundly affected by overstimulation.

He hard a really hard time sleeping last night and came downstairs because he was pretty stressed out over not being able to sleep.

Lizze and I were chilling on the couch listening to music when he came down.  He snuggled between us and feel right to sleep.

The poor little guy has really been struggling this week.  Thank God Christmas is over and we can start to get back into our routine. He had so much fun and excitement this holiday that he simply became overstimulated.

This isn’t something that he can just turn off.  It usually takes a few days for him to finally come back down and become grounded as we like to call it. 

However, when I captured this moment, he was at peace and finally resting.  🙂

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