Respite, farts and rainbow poop

The boys have gone to visit Lizze’s parents tonight.  They are packed for an overnight stay but will St least be having our for a short while.  This is allowing Lizze to get some sleep and for me to get some work done. 

I’m currently working on rewriting the content of a business website.   Apparently I have a knack for this if anyone’s interested.  😉

Anyway, it’s really quite here right now, with exception of Bella farting.  It’s quite unpleasant.  She got into a box of crayons and they make her have the loudest, smelliest farts but the most colorful poop. O_o

That said, a break is a break…no matter how small or unpleasantly smelling.  😉


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Raynette Jones

i was at my sisters yesterday and it was so funny both the dogs, one a puppy and one just a little nice dog, would jump up on the couch and go right to the candy bowl get a piece of candy and jump down and go behind the couch. when i got to their house yesterday, the whole family was fussing blaming each other for eating too much candy lol (the dogs were not hurt or poisened and as soon as my sister figured out what was going on, moved the candy high up)


It sounds like my mantra… If it isn’t the kids, it’s the pets! With 6 cats and 2 small dogs and 4 kids somebody is always doing something they shouldn’t be.

Lost and Tired

Amen to that. 🙂