Do you know how debilitating #Sensory Processing issues can be?

Holy moly did we have a rough morning.  Everything was actually going really well until it became time to get Emmett dressed.  He did fine with most of his clothes but when it comes time to put his socks on, his socks weren’t tight enough.

If we put even one sock on him and it doesn’t feel tight,  Emmett will lose it and rapidly devolve into a meltdown.

This is exactly what happened this morning again. 

I swear to God, nothing is ever easy.

It took a great deal of time and effort to help him calm down enough to let us try a different pair of socks.  Thankfully, these felt better for him and so we finally managed to get him ready for school. 

To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to send him to school because he simply wasn’t going to let us get him dressed.

It easy to say, just force him to get his clothes on if you have not experienced how truly distraught a person, especially a child, can get when sensory issues are involved.  Emmett will get so upset that he vomits.  That’s not okay and we will not push him that far. 

Maybe this makes me a bad parent.  However, while I will push his limits at times, I will not push him over his limits or past the line.  We encourage him to try and work through these moments in time but pushing him too far seems cruel and we won’t do it. 

Emmett get help for this in the form or occupational therapy and we have quite a few tools at our disposal that can help him to work through these difficulties. Sometimes they work and other times they don’t. 

Today, Emmett managed to pull through, but as you can see in the picture below, Lizze is trying to comfort a very distraught Emmett John. 


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So while the little guy is going through this traumatic sensory-overload breakdown, he sees daddy snapping pictures with his phone to post on the world wide web. Not sure that sends a good message to your son, who (i’m sure) was quite distraught at the time.

Lost and Tired

You’re entitled to your opinion.

Courtney Kiser Kalwite

My son is going thru this but more severe. Not just socks and shoes but all clothing. He has miss weeks of school due to this issue. Had a home meeting with his teachers today and we are going to have to bring him to school anyway he is.. they are willingly to work with him… so sad my son been refusing to get dress for a month now and we cant even take him out to places. i feel your pain gage gets so upset he self harms himself if we force the clothes.

I totally understand because Emmett is the same way. If you go back through the previous posts, you’ll see that most pictures of Emmett have him in his underpants only. He absolutely hates clothes but has been doing better lately. Socks and shoes are still a big problem and we have missed many days of school as a result of this.

Hang in there.

Val Cross

I know with anxiety that mornings are usually tough anyway, it feels so RUDE somehow to abruptly (upon awakening) be thrust back into that world where things are so raw,itchy, stressful,etc.Then top it off with having to do things that aren’t pleasant (eat, put on clothes) within a limited time frame and switch to a different environment like school. Crap. The look on his face just brought tears to my eyes. Lucky to have you and Lizzie help him through it.