The key to #Autism Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance -

The key to #Autism Awareness, Understanding and Acceptance

I took a picture today and it later inspired this post.  I saw Maggie standing in Lizze’s shoes and it got me thinking.  I’ve always said that it’s so important for people to be able to stand in another’s shoes.

Forget actually walking a mile because that’s never gonna happen. If they could at least try someone else’s shoes on for size, even for a short time, it would help give them perspective and perhaps reduce or eliminate any judgement. 

Like Maggie standing in Lizze’s shoes, you can’t expect someone else’s shoes to actually fit well and they’ll likely be pretty uncomfortable.

Isn’t that the point though…

I truly believe the key to awareness, understanding and acceptance of anything, is tied to insight and perspective.

As a community of people wanting awareness, understanding and acceptance for our loved ones on the Autism Spectrum, we need to really think about how we can allow the world to try our shoes on for size. In my humble opinion, it’s really the best way for the world to gain the insight and perspective needed for real change to happen.

Any ideas?

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