Out of the frying pan - Into the fever flare -

Out of the frying pan – Into the fever flare

Emmett John is home from school today because he’s incredibly grouchy and refused to go.  We’ve been suspecting since last night that he was edging into a fever flare. 

He’s been unusually grouchy and his joints are hot to the touch. 

Oddly though, he doesn’t have any mouth sores yet.  That’s a good thing because at least he doesn’t have to contend with a mouthful of painful sores for now. 

When he hits a fever flare, he’s not really sick. Something goes wrong inside his body and he runs a fever for no reason and is absolutely miserable.  There honestly very little we can do to provide him with comfort during these times and it’s definitely too much to ask him to go to school whilst in a flare up. 

It looks like him and I will be hanging out today. 

Depending on how he’s doing, I might take him to see Free bird at the dollar movies.  That will be a nice distraction for him. 

This isn’t how I wanted to begin the 3 day weekend, especially after being up with him since 3am…….

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Janet Meliti

Yikes very difficult im sure and very unfortunate about the fever thing wow never knew just learnt some new again from you.

Elizabeth Simmons

Those are hard days and nights and weeks…you are not alone.

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