Stressful – Monday simply hates me

I ended up on the couch last night because I couldn’t get comfortable on our bed.  I had the craziest dreams and when I woke up this morning, I felt like I never went to bed. 

With the kids home from school today, I need all the energy I can muster. 

I don’t think Lizze slept well last night either so any nap I may get this morning will be very short lived.  Sometimes Lizze can stay awake and sometimes she can’t.  As soon as she feels like she’s drifting off, she gets me up. 

The goal is to help give me a fighting chance with the day. This doesn’t happen everyday but on days like today it really helps.

It’s not a perfect situation but it does help to make things more survivable.

So far this morning, Emmett’s not been having a good day.  It’s 8 am and I’ve already been dealing with with meltdowns, screaming and sibling rivalry.  🙁

Hopefully, I can lay down for about an hour and then be recharged enough to steer the day in a more positive direction.

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