Desperation – My new weapon in the war against my kids going hungry at lunch

Desperation – My new weapon in the war against my kids going hungry at lunch

As many of you already know and can relate to, Elliott and Emmett are extremely food sensitive.  Their sensory challenges severely impact our options in regards to feeding them, especially when it comes to lunch at school.

It’s hard enough to find something they will eat when they are at home and I can cook for them. 

However, this becomes nearly impossible when it comes to packing them lunch for school.  Neither of them will touch the school lunches and I can’t even remember all the things we have tried to get them to eat lunch at school.

Recently, we had a few avenues open up because the school was more than willing to refrigerate their lunch for them.  This provided us with options that were previously not possible.  Unfortunately, it’s not as big of a help as we had hoped because while we had some success with Emmett, Elliott still goes hungry at least a few days a week. 

We pack him things that he shouldn’t have an issue eating but it always tastes funny at school or he has a tummy ache.  🙁

This keeps me up at night because I can’t stand the idea of my boys not eating lunch.  It’s not like their starving but that doesn’t make it any easier for me or for them. 

We go through so much of our limited grocery budget, trying and failing to get these guys to eat. 

I decided to try something different this week. 

Tonight I picked up Little Caesars pizza.  Actually, I picked up two pizzas, one pepperoni and one sausage.  This is my go to food for the boys at home and now I’m gonna see if it works at school. 

Elliott will only eat pepperoni pizza and Emmett will only eat sausage pizza.  They both love to eat their pizza cold and that will hopefully work in our favor. 

My goal is to pack their lunch with cold pizza being their main course and see if that will make a difference. 

I have mixed feelings about this because my fear is that if this does work for the school lunch, it might not work so well at home anymore.  That would suck big time because I don’t have another go to food at this point.  Means to an end, I suppose.

My fingers will be crossed at 11:00 am this morning because that’s when they go to lunch. 

I can’t stand the knowledge that they don’t eat at lunch and it honestly makes me sick to imagine what they must go through.  I know they are hungry but food is just something they struggle with. 

I’ll be sure to let you all know how it goes.  

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Carin L. Roylance

I so understand this struggle and dilemma. Many people really don’t get it. The sucky part is that better nutrition would really benefit our children, and yet, it is too much of a (losing) battle to get there. The school lunch, though: that is the toughest one. Knowing your child went hungry is like a dagger in your own heart.


I was just like that as a child, and for the same reasons. Even now, I would rather go hungry than venture outside my (very limited) circle of foods I can eat. That’s one of the (many) things that keeps me from traveling abroad like I want to: if I had nothing to eat but foreign food, I’d probably starve to death.

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