OFF TO A BAD START – Emmett refused to go to school again

OFF TO A BAD START – Emmett refused to go to school again

It was another morning that drained the life out of me.  Emmett refused to go to school again today and we had to battle to simply get him dressed.

I can’t even begin to describe how exhausting this was. 

I’m going to have to take a nap and regroup before making the drive to Cleveland for Lizze this afternoon.  My eyes are so heavy and my heart is broken after dealing with Emmett this morning.

Hope you all have a good day…


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Mike Angela Jackson

There is ALWAYS a reason.

Maria Hall

Sounds like it is time to have an FBA done and find out what is going on/what he is gaining/avoiding that he isn’t wanting to go to school….. aaanndd…. create a positive behavior support plan to get him back to school….. been there done that. Turned out my son couldn’t hack the chaos in the environment and a better school placement really helped. Now he almost likes school.

Lost and Tired

MelCharman I feel your pain.  People don’t understand how truly exhausting this is.  It’s a horrible way to begin the day for everyone
Hang tough and try to sneak in a few naps.


I’m going through that daily with Damien. He hasn’t transitioned so well this year and had just started getting into the swing when we hit xmas break. Now we’re back to square one again…Just not as violent so far. However going through it daily, while trying to get his mostly NT but Anxiety ridden Sister ready and both of them there on time is exhausting. I’m ready to fall on my face by the time I get back here.

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