THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS NEEDED – Lizze is struggling today

Lizze is having a very emotional day.  She’s trying to come to grips with her diagnosis what it means.  There is no medication for Borderline Personality Disorder, so forward progress is going to be extremely slow and painful. 

Something that I forgot to mention yesterday, is that the doctor believes that her depression is secondary to the BPD.

Apparently, this explains why her depression hasn’t responded to medication.  This has her feeling pretty distraught because the depression is bad and she was desperately hoping that a medication change would help.

Lizze is feeling very alone, scared and unsure of her future.

She’s also feeling a tremendous amount of guilt for the strain this puts on our already strained family.  No amount of me trying to reassure her that it isn’t her fault or that we will make it through this is helping. 

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

If you are dealing with Borderline Personality Disorder and would like to reach out to Lizze or even if you just want to send her a few kind words, that would be amazing.  You can find her at her blog: My Life Beyond Labels. I know she would appreciate connecting with others that can understand and relate. 

Thanks everyone.

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Raynette Jones

i think about her espcially when i am having a hard time because it makes me suck it up a little bit more.

Nikki Costello

I’m on quetiapine and that has helped with a fair few problems associated with BPD, including; anxiety, sleep, eating, mood swings, racing thoughts, concentration. There’s more but I can’t think of them right now. It’s an anti-psychotic, so I’d imagine any of them may work

Lost and Tired

@Tammy Hammonds Patrick @April Roga @UpsidedownDiane @Grainne Finucane upliftingfam Thanks everyone for your support for Lizze.  Please stop by her site and read her story, in her own words..

Lost and Tired

@fibromamaby3  check out the comments people are leaving for you.


Lizzie don’t blame yourself for the medical issues that you have.  I really hope that you can find the answers that your are looking for.  Maybe meditation or alternative treatment might help.  Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged.  You are a blessing to your family.  The chronic pain doesn’t help your situation with depression and it can make it worse.  I suggest talking to your pain management dr to try to come up with a plan to help reduce your pain as much as possible, which might improve your depression.  If you are able to get out and exercise, it might help lift your spirits too.  I understand if you aren’t able too get out and even walk.  It is hard for me because of chronic pain in my back.  Walking too much aggravates my pain levels.  I need to try Yoga, its the only thing I haven’t tried but this might help you too. 

Hugs to Lizzie, I hope you have a better day.


Sparki_King sending prayers!

Tammy Hammonds Patrick

((Hugs)) to Lizze.

Grainne Finucane

Thanks. Just posted there

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. Here’s a direct link to her blog

Lost and Tired
Sarah Bolier

Hope you feel better Lizze! You are not alone, sending prayers

Grainne Finucane

🙁 tried the link through to Lizzie but not working. Was diagnosed with BPD a year ago after years of Mis-diagnosis. Whilst no specific meds for it Lyrica has some success with treating some of the symptoms and also helps with fibromyalgia too.

April Roga

{{Hugs}} for Lizze 🙁