READER QUESTION – How do you explain #Autism to a child?

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This is a reader question.  A reader question is when someone reached out to me and needs help finding an answer to an Autism related question or problem. 

The question that was asked is this.  How do you explain to a child what Autism is?

This is a really, really good question and it could come up for a million reasons.  Let me give you an example.  One of your friends comes up to you and asks you how to explain Autism to a child because they want to talk to their about Autism and help them to understand why someone may act a bit different. 
Personally, I think that future of Autism Awareness is very much in the hearts and minds of the children of today.  How can we help other parents explain what Autism is to their child, so that perhaps their child can be the person willing to befriend our little ones with Autism because they understand them.



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Hmm Just tell them that their brains are wired differently. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different. Like they might be sensitive towards sounds and smells. They might not want to be touched. They might go on and on about certain things, but they still might want to be friends and still have feelings so do not make fun of them. You have to accept people who are different, not bully them.

Also, maybe With the Light might help. Best thing I’ve read about autism. It’s a manga, so that’s like a Japanese comic book. They could see how the kids treated Hikari and helped him in school.


Lost_and_Tired everyone is different, different is beautiful, interesting & sometimes challenging ways. You are unique in God created u…

Full Spectrum Mama

just reading this makes me rip out my heart and step on it a million times!!! Sending love

Full Spectrum Mama

I always rock the neurology angle – and I get it because i am there too. But my guy and I are eggheads. My question is more for those who don’t ACCEPT it as an equally valid way of being!!!!!!!!!!! Why? And how can I change your mind?

Carin L. Roylance

Our 6 year old figured it out himself naturally. He saw me reading books about autism, asked what it was and basically said, “Oh, that’s me.” He knew when he was 4 that he was different from other kids, that his brain worked differently. I think he figured it out because of our own awareness and willingness to answer his questions gently and honestly.

Lori Morton

I tell kids who ask that he is just as smart than everyone else but his brain is just wired a bit differently. Truth be told, he is probably smarter than all of us!

Katie Maclean

My son’s specialist subject is biology and he was 6 when he said he is different because his neurons are different, that’s why he can’t behave like others.

Kim Kennedy

I have a 9 yr old who doesnt understand why his little brother “hates” him. Just rip out my heart and step on it a million times. I will check out this article above.

Lost and Tired


Nicole Logan

After I sent you this question 🙂 I found this blog…. This Mom did an amazing presentation to her son’s class to explain autism to them and she shared it with us online. Sometimes I love the internet!

Lost and Tired

wishiwereinny that’s priceless..  🙂


One of my first graders has a big brother (15 y/o) who is a nonverbal or nearly so autistic. As she says “its like he has duck tape on his mouth, so he can’t talk right. But when you talk to him, he hears like you have duck tape on your mouth, so he doesn’t understand. Be he is the best big brother ever because he can draw you anything you want.”