TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT - We made it but just barely -

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT – We made it but just barely

I swear to God that every bad driver in world was  on 77 N this morning.  Traffic was horrible today and bad traffic means that Gavin is going to be struggling to maintain his autonomic stability.

It took us every bit of an hour to make an otherwise 30 minute drive.

As I kept having to use the brakes, I could see that Gavin’s color was turning a ghostly pale. 

When we finally got to the hospital, Gavin was pretty unsteady on his feet and really tired. He did however, make it to the 5th floor infusion lab and his vitals were actually pretty good. 

His infusion prep will begin in a few minutes and then the Infusion will begin in about an hour.  I’ll let you know how it’s going. 

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Angela Cavallo Hager

Praying for Gavin’s health!

Jodi Brock

Wishing you strength for today and good results!

Brittany Hays

no rush, you have your hands full right now, I will check tonight for it after I get home from work. Good luck today!

Lost and Tired

Sure. Hang on

Brittany Hays

can you post the link later to the post that talks about exactly what it is that is up with Gavin and why he needs the transfusions. I think I missed that post since I am a fairly new follower.

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