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Hey everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend.  I know that your day probably wasn’t complete because I haven’t written today and therefore, you’ve had nothing to read.  😉 Total sarcasm by the way.

In all seriousness, it’s been a pretty tough day and I’m not feeling particularly accomplished.

Lizze had a rough night last night and had a pretty major panic attack this evening. 

Until we get this hormone replacement therapy debacle fixed, hot flashes are keeping her up at night.  Thank you goes out to whomever made the decision at the insurance company, to make Lizze try many different hormone patches, just to make sure she really was allergic to the adhesive, before paying for the cream. 

Not only did you cost your company, way more money on wasted meds, you have also put my wife on a hormonal roller-coaster ride that she can’t get off of. 

Not cool..and definitely NO Bueno!

Anyway, we went to my parents house this afternoon to celebrate both my Mother’s and Gavin’s birthday. 

Lizze really pushed herself to go, despite the overwhelming social anxiety that keeps her in the house, whenever she’s not sleeping. I don’t know if that made any sense? Basically, while she loves seeing my family, emotionally right now, she can’t handle social situations. Today’s caused a big panic attack when we arrived home. 

The boys had fun though and it was nice to see my siblings.

I’m the oldest of six and despite living only ten minutes away from me, I never see or hear from them….ever. They all hang out with each other but….well you know how it sometimes goes for special needs family.  I don’t need to explain that to you… 🙁

Gavin’s been off all day today and it’s been a bit frustrating because it’s honestly like I’ve had to think for him.  He doesn’t have the ability to exercise commonsense, so it’s a constant battle to keep him from hurting himself, someone else, breaking something, spilling something or falling up the stairs because he’s not using his walking feet. 

Some days are better than others and today was just one of those days where he needed to be constantly reminded of things. 

That’s not a put down of Gavin.  It’s just the reality of the situation.  I’m not upset with him at all.  It’s just exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming.

Elliott and Emmett did pretty well today.  They didn’t kill each other.

Emmett did well with wearing his clothes today and that was awesome.  Elliott still hasn’t gotten his new meds so he’s still struggling with a few things.  Anxiety being the biggest. He tried his best today and I’m really proud of him as well.

I’d like to say that I accomplished a lot today but I’m not real sure that would be true. 

I did help to defuse a crisis at work. I got a call from India in the morning about an issue that needed to be addressed.  I’ll be on the phone with one of our Web designers in Mexico all day today to iron out a few things as well. 

That’s something I suppose.


I was pretty tired going into yesterday because I camped out on the couch all night with Mr.  Emmett John, who couldn’t sleep in his room for some reason.  I love snuggling with my kids but it’s not always restful on the couch…


Isn’t he adorable? Of course he is.  That was a rhetorical question. 😛

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting here trying to help Lizze relax enough to fall asleep by scratching her back with one hand while I’m swiping this post out on my phone with the other. 

It’s just been a really trying day for me personally but we all made it.  That’s a very positive thing, no after how you look at it. 

Hopefully, tonight will bring at least a few hours of sleep before I have to face my mortal enemy.  My Mortal Enemy in this case is Monday.  I know it’s already Monday, but my nightmare starts with getting the kids ready and off to school.  That’s usually when Monday likes to fuck with me. 

Anyway, that should bring everyone up to speed. 🙂

Have a great week….. I appreciate all of you….yes that means you.

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